What Are The Best Environment Friendly Ways To Survive Hot Summer Nights?

What Are The Best Environment Friendly Ways To Survive Hot Summer Nights?

23rd January 2019

Summer is the best time to enjoy the diversity that nature offers to us. However, it also means restricting yourself to an air-conditioned room as the summer heat at times gets unbearable.

However, an avid nature lover can always beat this heat in an environment-friendly way and make the most of hot summer nights.

1. Using Cotton Sheets

It is commonly known that cotton is extremely lightweight and it is known to breathe in a much better way in comparison to silk or polyester. Switch to using cotton sheets for covering yourself during hot summer nights and you are sure to experience the change.

2. Loose Cotton Clothing

Wearing loose cotton clothing is another natural way of beating the heat and keeping your cool on a hot summer night. Take this a step further and make your hot summer days enjoyable by wearing loose cotton clothing during day hours.

3. Putting Ice In Front Of The Fan

A pan of ice placed in front of a fan can also work wonders during a hot summer afternoon. The cold from the ice will blow and spread throughout the room keeping the temperature and tempers cool.

As the ice melts after a while, it will blow a mist in the air and the room is likely to feel cooler.

4. Cool Shower Before Bed

A better way of beating the heat on a summer night is to get a cool shower before heading to the bed. Once a bath is taken before going to bed, a cool and comfortable sleep can be enjoyed.

5. Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always the best way of remaining healthy. This is almost true on any summer night. Taking around eight ounces of water before calling the day is a worthy way of beating the heat. Not only will you stay hydrated but will also be healthy and wise.

6. Keep The Lights Off

Lights are always a distraction and also contribute to the heat. Learn to live in dim light conditions and particularly before heading to the bed, it would be a viable way to keep the light off for an hour. Ideally, the lights of the room where you intend to sleep should be turned off half an hour before so as to cool down the temperature a bit.

7. Hanging A Wet Sheet

Hanging a wet sheet by the window is also a great way of beating the heat on a hot summer night. The cool breeze that hits will help cool the place more evenly. This method is likely to cool down the room significantly and also make you sleep in peace on a hot summer night.

8. Keeping The Feet Cold

A weird but interesting way of beating the heat is to keep a bucket of cold water handy. Whenever the heat wave strikes you, just dip the feet in the cold water and the heat is likely to vanish away. Try this method, once in a while and you are likely to enjoy the hot summer night too.

9. Unplug The Gadgets

Electricity leads to the generation of a lot of heat. On a hot summer night, an environment-friendly way of beating the heat would be to unplug the gadgets that are not required. The reduction in heat that this method will create is likely to contribute to keeping the room cooler.

10. Shift To The Lower Floor

If living in a high rise house, shifting to the lower floor can also reduce your summer heat. Shift to the lower floor and feel the change. In case, you are living in a single level home, having the bed of a shorter frame will help you beat the heat a bit. You can even put your mattress on the floor and you will definitely escape the heat that otherwise will definitely hinder and cause unnecessary discomfort to you.

11. Make The Room Green

It would be a worthy idea to have some greenery in the room. Ideally, keep some potted plants in the room. It will not only improve the ambiance of the room but will definitely keep the temperature some notches down. You can also consult a plant physiologist who will recommend heat soaking plants for the room.

Try the above-listed tips and you would definitely be on the firm way ahead for creating an environment-friendly ambiance for yourself while surviving the hot summer night in a better way. You will definitely become a better environmentally conscious citizen who can be a role model for others to emulate. 

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