How Do I Move Large and Heavy Items In New Zealand Without Leaving Home?

How Do I Move Large and Heavy Items In New Zealand Without Leaving Home?

11th July 2019

Various components, of different shapes and sizes, are involved during major or minor moves. The large and heavy items that may be sitting in your home/office, waiting for a suitable mover will usually include furniture pieces-pianos, desks, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, cabinets, etcetera. Most of these items will be expensive and you would certainly not want them to be damaged during the transition! Hence, such furniture removals can cause you a lot of stress and worry if you’re working on your move without any external help in Auckland, New Zealand. 

In attempts to meet your needs and enable you to stay stress-free, our platform has got the perfect solution for you which allows you to sit back, relax in your home and let experienced & responsible movers move large and heavy items in New Zealand for you. Our efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes the marketplace one of the biggest and most renowned in New Zealand, known particularly for moving large or heavy items and dealing with furniture removals professionally.

Here’s how you can move wisely in New Zealand without leaving your home at a low cost with, at a time and day that’s most convenient for both you and your mover.

Save Time

By choosing our platform to search for a suitable mover in New Zealand, you will surely be acting wisely and saving yourself some valuable time. We allow your single enquiry to reach out to an entire network of Wise Movers who are relevant to your delivery in terms of their route and the type of your delivery. Deliveries involving large and heavy items will be matched with movers that have all the appropriate resources and tools to accommodate them- adequate manpower, spacious vehicles, etcetera- in no time.  

The best part is that movers who will respond to your enquiry will be genuinely interested in providing you with their quality services and will compete for it! 

Compare Already Cheaper Quotes Easily To Find The Cheapest 

Quotes offered at the Wise Move marketplace are up to 75 percent cheaper than standard rates offered anywhere else. It might sound unbelievable but it’s true! Look us up, request a quote (for free!) and you’ll see for yourself. 

Note: Cheaper rates do not compromise the quality of the service delivered to you. Real reviews and feedbacks from our customers on our platform will vouch for that! We just work the smart & the wise way to keep costs low for you by aiding our movers’ convenience.

Prioritizing Your Privacy 

Although, our system is very quick at matching you to suitable movers for your heavily-loaded deliveries, it is also designed to respect your privacy. Your contact details are not forwarded to any WiseMover until you have ‘accepted’ a quote.

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