An Introduction to Visiting Brisbane, Australia

An Introduction to Visiting Brisbane, Australia

16th March 2019

Brisbane is Australia’s third biggest city and is known for its sunny, sub-tropical climate. The city was constructed along the windy Brisbane river and maintains a relaxed and sophisticated culture. It has been a major tourist destination since the 1980s, after it hosted both the Commonwealth Games and the World Expo. Nowadays, you’ll find a fast growing city with plenty of green parkland and a focus on innovation and creativity.

Brisbane From The Water: Enjoy A River Cruise

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the city is by taking a river cruise. You’ll get a full scope of the city as you tour it via the winding Brisbane River. A consistent series of cruises is on offer using CityCat, or you can use the hop-on/hop-off city ferries available throughout Brisbane. It’ll take you through redeveloped industrial sites and parks, in addition to the University of Queensland, or even the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Once you’re back on land, take a stroll through the Queen Street shopping precinct to explore hundreds of retailers in a labyrinthine series of streets that are fully pedestrian friendly. It’s the perfect place to get some gifts to take home, or just to find some unique souvenirs.

Museums, Art & Culture In Brisbane, Australia

To get a glimpse of some more cultural elements, check out the Museum of Brisbane and the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art. The Museum of Brisbane is housed in the top level of city hall and offers a series of excellent exhibitions detailing the city’s history, from its floods to the nation’s convict history. The Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art has collections from all over the world, with selections from Asian artists, Aboriginal artists, and contemporary paintings and sculptures. The special exhibits keep the museum fresh as there’s always something new to discover, in all range of media, from paintings, to films, to photography. It also has the Australian Cinematheque, which shows movies from all around the world.

The Queensland Art Gallery is along the waterfront in the South Bank Cultural Precinct, which isn’t far from South Bank, which was where the World Expo was hosted in 1988. It’s a parkland promenade along the river with a full array of restaurants, and it routinely hosts special events. You'll also find the Wheel of Brisbane, a giant Ferris wheel that opened in 2008 that offers some incredible views of Brisbane from its uniquely high vantage point.

Day Trips From Brisbane

On the outskirts of Brisbane, just a quick drive from the city center (you can rent a car for this), is an amazing amount of nature. For some more quiet adventure, or just a break from the bustle of urban life, check out the Lamington National Park. Lamington is a dense rainforest with plenty of ancient trees, which create some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll experience. In the Binna Burra section, you can find walks as short as 30-minute circuits, or as long as full day hikes. 

For the truly extreme adventurer, check out the Great Walk, which connects to the neighboring Springbrook national park and is a whopping 54 kilometers in length.

In addition to the flora and fauna, the animal life is also magnificent. The bird species are vastly extensive, with species such as the Alberts Lyrebird, a particularly rare sight, and the rainbow pitta. You can also see pademelons, a smaller relative of the Kangaroo.

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