Visiting Sydney, Perhaps Australia’s Greatest City

Visiting Sydney, Perhaps Australia’s Greatest City

16th March 2019

Australia’s largest city, Sydney is also a hub of diversity and has the 3rd largest foreign born population of any city in the world, behind London and New York City. To put in perspective how impressive that number is, Sydney has a population of about 4 million, whereas New York City, the number 2, has a population of about 9 million. It was catapulted into one of the world’s most multicultural cities after a wave of migration following World War II. Sydney has also consistently maintained a status as one of the world’s most livable cities, and with its beautiful and extensive culture, as well as millions of acres of parkland, it’s no wonder why.

Iconic Attractions And Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney’s most iconic site has to be its Opera House, which is more impressive in person. It is always hosting shows and events, and its surrounding area is a bustling hub of activity, with tons of wonderful food and fun things to explore. It’s wonderfully illuminated at night, which just highlights the white-shelled roof (itself an amazing engineering feat.) Go for a show, or take a guided tour to gain a new appreciation of the building’s construction.

Another fantastic place to see is Darling Harbour, adjacent to the city center, you’ll find tons of amazing views, and amazing food. At the harbor, you’ll find the Dockside Pavilion, the Carousel, and the National Maritime Museum. At night, it comes alive with the Harbourside Shopping Center and its aquarium. 

For a taste of adventure, head over to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is unique as one of the few climbable bridges in the world. The tradition stemmed from the increasingly frequent occurrences of illegal climbs throughout the 20th Century, and in 1998 the city started BridgeClimb, offering daily tours allowing people to legally climb the bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge has one of the most magnificent views in the city, and has a particularly astounding view of the Sydney Opera House. Walking the bridge is (almost) as impressive and a whole heck of a lot cheaper too.

Sydney also has a wonderful selection of museums, like the Art Gallery of New South Wales, its modern art museum, or the Australian Museum, for natural history. One of the more unique, and decidedly less touristy places to visit, is the Hyde Parks Barracks Museum. The museum is made from old convict barracks from the 18th Century, it is a comprehensive history of the city’s colonial history as a penal colony. Its information is displayed through the stories of early settlers, as well as historical facts and recreations. It’s also a relatively inexpensive destination, but packs a whopping value.

Escape the City Limits: Best Day Trips from Sydney

To escape the hustle and bustle, there’s also some fantastic scenes and amazing nature just a short drive outside of the city center. You can find a great deal on a rental car here.

For a true sense of Australia’s natural beauty, make the trip over to the Blue Mountains National Park. The park is well-known for the weathered gorges and steep sandstone cliffs formed from thousands of years of erosion. This process formed the incredible Three Sisters rock formation, and in addition it has tons of winding hiking paths. As you explore, you’ll make your way through magnificent forests, past sheer rock walls and breathtaking waterfalls. There’s hikes for all levels of expertise, from the 4 kilometer Katoomba Falls circuit to the Six Foot Track, a 44 kilometer hike for truly the most experienced of hikers.

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