General Users

General users/visitors are allowed to use DizyLocal NZ website to get any information of a business. With the collected information, users can contact business owners for their service requests. In other way users can also directly contact business owners via 'Send Email' option. All the information submitted will be sent to business owners immediately via email.

No, unfortunately DizyLocal NZ does not allow business submitted without creating an account. By creating account and submitting business information, your business will be in total control under your account. In future updates to your business can be made very easy. Read more on how to create an account and submit business.

You are free to collect any information on DizyLocal NZ. If the information collected should not be utilized for any illegal activities. Collecting information via any software, tools, crawlers or in any other mode is not accepted. You can read our privacy policy and terms & conditions for more information.

Right now we share information about leads via email. We have plans to extend this feature to mobile, where mobile is considered to be instant way to reach then compared with email. You can go through our features page for more information.

No, we don't accept reviews from non-registered user. Reviews from non-registered or general users in most cases are not from actual customers and this information will make our website spam. In order to keep up the quality standards we don't encourage users to submit reviews publicly. Read more on how to create an account and submit review.

Yes, you are free to report a business without creating an account. All the submitted information are sent to DizyLocal NZ support team for manual verification. Once the verification is completed and found to be correct, we will make changes accordingly for the reported business.

Adding or changing information

Creating an account with DizyLocal NZ is free and can be done in 2 ways. A normal method will allow you to register by entering your email address and password. With the help for Facebook, you can sign up in few seconds.

Yes. You can change or update any of the details once you login to your account with your username and password. Navigate to dashboard and choose profile settings or password settings based on your requirement.

It's very simple and easy to retrieve a password. Navigate forget password page, enter your registered email address. Follow the steps sent to your email address.

Register an user account and verify your email address. Now you are free to list your business here.

You will have an option in the business profile to report an issue. Click and select duplicate entry. We will remove it upon verification.

You can report a business as closed using 'Report' option in the business profile page.

Right now only your reviews are displayed public. We have plans to bring in your profile details public. We will update over email, once we make this change.

DizyLocal NZ respects your privacy. Will not give, sell, trade or share any of your personal information to any third parties. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Rating and Reviews

Yes we accept. At every point before a conversion happens, people like to read about other people reviews for businesses. In most cases having a good review will bring in new customer for a business. Reviews also help to know what people are doing at business.

Alternatively business owners get a chance to respond to reviews with a comment. Read more on how to write a review.

There are multiple ways to sign in/signup and write a review. Follow the below steps,

  • Search for desired business
  • Click on Add a Review
  • Login/Signup
  • Select a rating value
  • Write your review and submit

Users have to confirm their email address in order to review and approve reviews.

Instead of Login/Signup as a normal method, choose Facebook login method.

Only business owners who have access to the business can respond to a review. If you don't have access to your business, you can claim your business to write comment. Read more on how to claim a business.

To write a comment for a review follow the below steps,

  • Login to your account
  • Go to Dashboard > My Businesses
  • Click open (your business will open in new tab)
  • Scroll down to review section
  • Write your comment for a review & submit

Yes. You will receive notification email whenever a review is posted and/or published for your business. In order to review alerts, you must have claimed. Read more on how to claim a business.

If your business isn’t listed on DizyLocal NZ, add your business for free.

Yes, all reviews submitted will go under review process before they are published.

For some outrage reasons customers will intend to write a negative review for your business. Here are some tips to handle negative reviews and keep clients happy. Add a comment explaining you side of story under review. Try and get good reviews from other customers.

Getting more positive review will outweigh a poor review.

Having recent positive reviews will push negative reviews to down the page.

You will have an option below a review (once the review is published) to report.

Business owners

Register for an user account and verify your identify. Now are free to list your business here. Your business won’t appear immediately after submitting to DizyLocal NZ. You will have to wait for 48 hours for support team to review and updated your listing. You will receive a notification about the status once your listing is live.

Follow the below steps to update your business,

  • Login to your account
  • Navigate to "Dashboard > My Business Listings"
  • Choose the business which you would like to update
  • Click on Edit/Update
  • Update the details in the fields shown and submit

Our support team get notified of the same and reviewed within 48 hours. You will receive a notification about the status once your changes are approved.

Yes. Go to your business profile and click on 'Claim' and follow the instructions. We will update the status of the same to your registered email address.

No. Right now we don't have any advertising options for business owners to advertising on DizyLocal NZ. We have plans to bring this feature in near future. We will update to your registered email address once the feature is live.

We follow strict rules on business listing. Read below for more details,

  • Business name should be your registered name, sole trader name or domain name
  • All business submitted in DizyLocal NZ should run their business in Australia
  • Few fields (business name, physical address and phone number) are mandatory while submitting your business information
  • We recommend having an email address for each business.
  • All notifications related to your business are sent to this email address.

As of now we send leads and all the notification received for your business via email. We have plans to extend this feature to mobile, where mobile is considered to be instant way to reach then compared with email. You can go through our features page for more information.